Joan Beirnes
Melody Crick
Ida Donovan
Sandra Greenough
Linda Hebert
Karen Herriot
Lenore Huber
Bev Illauq
Theresa Lambert
RJ Leng
R. A. M.
Susan Neden
Karen Nye
Myrna Tallon
Carol Walburn
Patrick Watson
J. W.

“The Creativity for Health Program allowed me to focus on things that do not cause anxiety and worry and that use different skills and a non-verbal side of me.

It gave me a chance to find new and better corners of myself and everyone needs to do that, especially if you are losing confidence in yourself and your future.I liked the chance to work quietly, to recapture focus and calmness, to talk to other artists about how we feel. The art studio is a way to be part of a good, non-demanding and accepting community. Bonnie is calm, empathetic, supportive, patient and creative. She makes new spaces and new aspects for people and releases good things that people have locked up inside themselves.”

J. W.