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“I am a cancer survivor. Three months after my cancer surgery, my granddaughter died. I began my healing in the space of love and acceptance that Bonnie Chapman’s art studio provides. It helped me function after the shock of cancer treatment and loss of health. Creativity for Health is an amazing and important part of what ‘health care’ really is. I cannot imagine my journey of healing without Bonnie's program. Sure, I would heal physically .  .  . but even then I’m not so sure. Her personal commitment, knowledge and wisdom gave me the inspiration of strong ties to others that I found nowhere else, building hope, compassionate and understanding friendships and the healing act of art-making at points of crisis. Quiet, focused time away from the swirling thoughts of cancer and strong, meaningful art sessions helped me recognize and deal with the pain, joy and sorrow of diagnosis, surgery and drastic life-view change brought on by a brutal cancer.
I wish the program could expand to reach more people the way it reached me. People come to points of acceptance and full functioning as they process their grief, trauma and shock through the healing space and art journey that Bonnie Chapman offers. Thanks for all your support and encouragement throughout — especially your encouragement when I walked through the door to ‘investigate’ and your welcome encouraged the bravery to begin. Thank you, thank you for the meaningful way art (especially for a self-proclaimed non-artist) can heal, helping me see a way through deep darkness to strength.”

Karen Nye