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“I participated in Creativity for Health while undergoing treatment for breast cancer several years ago.
It was the single most significant factor in my healing process – physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have clear memories of walking into a class struggling with nausea and within the first half hour being symptom-free. I found that astounding! Something shifted in my brain when engaged in the activities and remained with me after I left. It impacted my quality of life and gave my body and mind the rest it desperately needed to rebuild its internal resources. The space created by Bonnie Chapman is a sacred space. What occurs in that space cannot be easily quantified just as healing cannot be quantified and it is very, very real. In retrospect when I look at this program through the lens of patient-centered care, of building collaboration that includes patients, this is a perfect example and a potential gold mine of information. I shared pots of paint and brushes with patients, loved ones, and staff and we talked. It is in environments like this a deepening understanding of how to partner is emerging.”

Susan Neden