Pictures of people and the Compassion Mosaic artwork

“This large-scale seven by 20-foot vibrant and joyous mosaic was created over two years by the community for the health of the community. Three hundred patients, family members, volunteers, health-care staff, students, and members of the multi-faith community, aged five to 87 years held an intention of compassion for themselves, others, and the earth in creating this collaborative artwork for the Pasqua Hospital, Regina, Saskatchewan. The healing river of cast hands honors diversity as it flows through the landscape of mandala mosaics which honor what it is like to be broken in some way, and show that from brokenness, healing can occur and beauty can be made. The work creates a compassionate connection to community, and encourages self-compassion — cultivating inner harmony by recognizing one’s common humanity. Art-making in community creates social change and empowers personal and societal healing by transcending social, religious, racial, gender, sexual orientation, cognitive, and age boundaries. Compassion is essential to human relationships and to a fulfilled humanity.”


BONNIE CHAPMAN  Head of Creativity for Health in Community-in Service to Compassion and Justice, Regina, SK, Canada