Pictures of Prince Edward and Bonnie Chapman with the quote "I am commanded by the Queen to thank you."

“I am commanded by The Queen to thank you for your kind gift of this beautiful crystal sculpture. Her Majesty and The Duke of Edinburgh much enjoyed their time in your city. Her Majesty’s visit could not have been more successful, and I can assure you that the ‘vignette of Victoria’ will be a pleasing reminder of a very happy visit indeed. This letter comes to you personally with the Queen’s best wishes and thanks.”


SIMON GIMSON  Special Assistant to The Queen’s Private Secretary, London
(Commission – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II)


“The Prince Edward has asked me to thank you most sincerely for the crystal sculpture presented to him at the Official Civic Reception. It is absolutely beautiful and will serve as a wonderful reminder of his time in Victoria. When we return to London I will make sure that the Queen receives her crystal sculpture. Prince Edward thanks you once again for your generosity and sends you his very best wishes.”


COLONEL SEAN O’DWYER  Private Secretary, London, England
(Commission – His Royal Highness Prince Edward)